Public Distrust of Online Marketers

The Internet Marketing Industry demands Transparency, engagement, honesty, and proof to dispel public distrust. The question is, “can it be done”? “Yes”! To sum this up, the industry demands Transparency, engagement, honesty, and proof. I continue to “sell” a better way. The reality is that it can be done…just not by everyone who tries.

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From Garbage Dump to Millionaire Entrepreneur


Each individual may or may not be proud of the part they played in my life experiences that have contributed to who and what I am today. Some people were instrumental to my failures and some influential to my successes. Either way, I am better man for it. Thanks to David and Trent for their support, contribution, and trust during some of the toughest times of my life. I am especially thankful for those people who denied me, stopped me, held me back, crushed my enthusiasm, said no, didn’t care, cheated me, refused me, snubbed me, were resentful of me, were indignant, slighted me, and challenged me. Dr. Mark Zupo 2018

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6-Reasons Why Success Matters – Bankrupt, Foreclosed, Homeless, Widowed, Unemployed and Clinically Depressed.

Bankrupt, Foreclosed, Homeless, Widowed, Unemployed and Clinically Depressed. Find out how I transformed these failures into a thriving “Million-Dollar” Online Business with webinars, memberships, speaking, authorship and Multiple Streams Mastery! How would you feel to know that your income is almost guaranteed because you started a thriving online business right from your home office? How…

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The Passive Profits Mastery Booklet

  Get the FREE digital copy of The Passive Profits Mastery Booklet. Click here to share on Facebook. THEN like it! I am trying to get 1-Million likes with your help.   Share it and like it and download it NOW! PPMBooklet Click here:         Facebook P.S. It is available on Amazon P.S. S.It is available…

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