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7 Reasons Why You Need a Business Coach


7 Reasons Why You Need a Business Coach

Hi, it’s Mark.

I’m currently in Atlanta working on my Super SuccessMatters Seminar™ and I was thinking about the success most people never know because they never had a coach to guide them. After all, everything you buy come with instructions. People spend a good part o their life in school to learn all about what to do or be in life. Basically, our entire life is one big training lesson! So why then wouldn’t we need a coach to help us in business too?

Golden Man Finds Success

Golden Man Finds Success

That’s why I am posting bout the:

7 Reasons Why You Need a Business Coach

Although no-one can guarantee your success but you and no-one can guarantee that you will become a millionaire from just some basic training. However, with the right tools, training and coaching, who knows what is possible, right?

My success has been the best thing that ever happened to me. An unbelievable trip from “Mess to Success” as I detail in one of my books. There isn’t a day that I am not grateful for everything I have.

And…it all comes from an online passive, recurring income from a coaching business that has afforded me freedom and flexibility that I couldn’t put a price on.

However, it wasn’t always like this…

I’ve spent thousands of dollars and countless days, weeks and years trying to do it myself. A tough lesson to learn. The important thing is…

That it doesn’t have to take you that long too!

I discovered, through my coach, about how to position myself in my niche, how to market myself in my industry and how to brand myself to drive the maximum authority and credibility so that people would



And trust me!

Three key elements of my success.

Today, there is no better time to dive into the opportunities that lay in front of you. There are a HUGE number of tools available that weren’t available when I started. Global access to people who need my coaching services.

Let me be clear, not just MY business coaching but YOURS too!

There is an infinite amount of information for people to access but without personal attention and community, there is nothing!

You see, when people are the business —

— then helping people find their freedom and flexibility is the only way for you to find the same freedom and flexibility too. 

Today, there is information overload. People don’t know who to talk to, who to believe, who they can trust and who they can count on for guidance and training.

Family, work, limited time, limited resources, bills and all of the other distraction can be devastating to your success and profit.

Until now.

It took me more than 14 years to find a coach. Mostly because I am stubborn..Lol

Because it took me so long I missed out on some of the best earning years in my life.

Just because it took me that long does not mean that it will take you that long too. You are smart enough o recognize that a coach is the first and key ingredient to your success, right?

There are no gimmicks, no get-rich-quick schemes and tricks and tactics that don’t last.

I am talking about businesses that you can rely on
to provide you with steady, recurring passive income
if you do what your coach teaches.

There is a lack of real guidance out there but you can start your own business in the best time for online start-ups that has ever existed. A business that you can rely on to safely pay your bills, feed your family and give you enough money, freedom, flexibility to do the things you have always dreamed of.

Once I knew what the right approach for me I also knew that I would teach others how to do it too. It has become a “calling’ for me.

I am driven to help other people learn how to
start and run their business too.

It all started with building an online community of followers, students, mentees and people just like you. People who want the same things I want too. An online community where you can reach out to others who need help and guidance. Members of a successful community of entrepreneurs, like-minded enthusiasts who want to start their businesses right now! is the pitch.

I have put together a Master Coaching Program just for you. The program is full of advice, techniques, masterminds, coaching and mentoring just for you.

You have the chance to be a part of a PRIVATE MASTERMIND of paid members who think just like you and me.

Serious people with serious wants and desires for their business success. A community of serious believers and serious enthusiasts who want to start and run their own online businesses too.

What you’ll find in your community: You get:

·       The right to belong to a select group of entrepreneurs

·       The right to ask question of people who have done it before you

·       Membership with other people on your personal success journey

·       Sincere and honest feedback from other entrepreneurs

·       Support and accountability from entrepreneur-partner / members

·       The insight and guidance from me personally. When you have questions, you can post it and I respond with the answers to the entire group so that we ALL learn.

This is invaluable! Priceless!

All in all, this is coaching from me in several forms.




Blog Posts

Membership Posts

Live Online Seminars

Yearly Seminar in a Private Location

…and that is just to name a few benefits.

And that’s just a few benefits for being part of a community. What I learned from my coach is now the value I return to you for your success.

Doesn’t his sound exciting so far? Yes, it does!

If so, keep reading….

To add to my community coaching opportunity, there are several other training opportunities to come. Courses that range from beginner to seriously advanced jumpstart programs for the technically enabled.

Some of the topics are:

How do I get paid for my knowledge?

How do I get the right domain for my services?

How do I start an email campaign?

What am I worth as a coach?

What niche should I choose?

Who will buy from me?

…and more!

One of the more important questions is; “How do I maximize my time to increase my profit from as little work as possible?”

So, the big question is…

“How can you join to get all this?”

I’m currently building this community and membership, in fact, I’ve already created some courses which I’m currently uploading.

The community is called The SuccessMatters™ Coaching Program.

I want to make sure that you get the maximum benefit from the community the minute that you enroll when the launch is ready. It’s coming very soon.

In the mean time…I know you think I forgot, didn’t you?

The 7 Reasons Why You Need a Business Coach

1.    Time-saving guidance from an experienced entrepreneur

2.    Money-saving guidance to maximize your potential profit

3.    Experienced coach who deliver value and performance

4.    Engagement from the coaching community of like-minded people

5.    Step-by-step guidance for stating today

6.    Personal attention to your goals and dreams

7.    Lasting motivation, inspiration, insight, accountability and results

What you should do now:

Be the first on the EARLY-BIRD notification list to know when the launch starts!

Head to this link now to join the private and exclusive membership for your future success –

Fill in your details and hit submit. That’s it!

You will be put on the TOP of the Priority-notification list and have instant access that the public won’t get for several weeks.

Be sure to get on the list here.

Believing in YOU,

Dr. Mark Zupo


P.S. Thanks for coming to the “SUCCESS MATTERS Podcast!


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