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Challenges and Triumphs

Challenges and TriumphsMegaphone

I’ve never been one to be negative or to even let anyone know when I wasn’t feeling well. Recently however, I have been challenged.

I have Crohn’s disease.

That pretty much sums it up for those who know what it is and how it effects one’s life. For those who don’t know much about it…well, I don’t know where to begin anymore.

Many of my friends and followers know that I am a driven “work-a-holic” guy that is positive and has an enduring sense of force. I lead from the heart using every measure of strength that I have. Lately I haven’t had much energy as I am battling the effects of the disease.

But…don’t think that I will let it stop me. I’ve only slowed a bit down to 200%. Guaranteed! I am driven because of you.

Better explained, I am driven to produce quality training and support because you demand it…and it’ s the right thing to do.

With that, I am announcing that the upcoming launch of the
Multiple Streams Mastery™ Training Program

I will launch the training program and membership next month. It will be available for affiliates and members alike without restrictions.

The program will consist of the:

Founder’s Level training and bonuses,

Pro Level with bonuses and

Ultimate Level with Bonuses

and Coaching Opportunities.

The secondary opportunity is the Member’s-Only Mastermind and Facebook support community!

This is an unannounced premier offer for hungry entrepreneurs who
want to change their life and do it today.

I’ve never before offered such a comprehensive training program until now. Because, you deserve it!

…And the BEST part!…because you had to wait so long for the launch…

I’m reducing the initial entry membership fee by   

80% to a limited number of enrollees.

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