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Dr. Mark Zupo Launches The Success Matters Podcast!

Where Success Matters

Dr. Mark Zupo

Where Success Matters

Podcast Episode 1


Episode #1: Dr. Mark Zupo of Where Success Matters

Hey everyone, I’m Dr. Mark Zupo, and I want to thank you for joining me for the very first episode of the Success Matters Podcast. I could not be more excited to welcome you to my podcast and hope that your experiences listening in will prove to be exciting and rewarding.

Every Thursday, I will be describing critical information and insights from the most exciting and inspiring Entrepreneurs of today. Each interview will be a life-changing story… a real-life story from people just like you and me.

We will be producing daily episodes for the first few months to get your success mojo working first and fast. That means a new episode of Success Matters will be waiting for you on your commute to work, your daily jog, or during any daily activity when you need a healthy dose of inspiration, motivation and enthusiasm. Every show will be packed with great insightful content so you will know exactly what to expect, day in and day out.
Sound great, right? Well, keep listening, (or reading), and I will dig into the details of the podcast show and flow and also tell you a little bit about the incredible, handsome, overachieving host…myself, Dr. Mark Zupo.

Each episode will start with a brief introduction of the spotlighted Entrepreneur, followed by one of my personal success quotes. We will make every effort to make it count when we deliver insightful and impactful podcast interviews and information.

The best lessons I ever learned before coming to my success was the lessons steeped in failure. I will detail every failure I can remember in the hopes that you might learn from it and never repeat it. When we interview an expert or entrepreneur who is successful, we’ll ask them to bear their soul and help us learn from their failures and successes too. Step by step we’ll discuss every step, process, system, resource and procedure I’ve used to become successful and the steps to your personal development and ultimate success.

Golden Man Finds Success

Golden Man Finds Success

I have had moments of absolute brilliance and moments of complete stupidity born from a lack of experience and complete ignorance. Somehow it has all worked out for the best and to my advantage. I’ll work hard for you to reveal your “A-HA” moments when you finally get it and act on it.

I believe that it is about the day to day processes and revelations that help us to be a success, whatever success means to each one of us. It’s not about the “what to do” as much is it is about “how to do it” that means the most. And that is what my focus will be for your success goals.

I know what the impact of a single thought can be and I will work hard to deliver the most engaging information that I can. I intend to pack each podcast episode with intriguing and exciting information to help you find your daily dose of motivation to find your “WHY” and make success happen for you.

I intend on engaging other experts and entrepreneurs and ask them the tough questions like:

  • If you could write a letter to your future self, what would it say?
  • Why didn’t you act on your instincts before now?
  • What held you back from acting on your determination to succeed?
  • What was the defining moment for you that made you a success?
  • …and more!

Golden Team LeaderIf there was nothing standing in your way tomorrow morning that would prevent you from starting a business that you love, would you act on it? No bills, No fear, No nay-sayers, no failure, no lack of money, no oversight, no regulations, no lack of energy and no rules…would you do it? What would you do? Where would you start? Would you do it yourself? Would you have  partner? Would you use your education and experience? Would you ask for help? Who would you ask? How much energy, resources, time, effort and determination would you devote to it. What if it wasn’t immediately profitable? What if it was immediately profitable?

Many times, we search for just the right resource, the right opportunity and the right mentor, guidebook or sample to get us motivated. Many times, it came and went because you were looking in the right place in the wrong time or the right time in the wrong place, right? And…we get passed by, again and again. The ship came in and you were nowhere to be found.

Entrepreneurs never fail to take action, even if it is wrong. I was once told by an employer, “do something…even if it’s wrong”!.

How Can the Success Matters Podcast
Help You Succeed?

Most people have a set of rules they follow based upon their experiences, education, wants, needs and desires. When you choose to follow a path you question, you usually come to an end that is predictable and distasteful; so follow the leadership of those who have succeeded before you by using their experiences, failures and successes as a guide for your opportunities. After all, we want to emulate someone we respect and admire, and most of us are willing to change our lives to accommodate that desire.

We want to emulate those we respect and admire, and many of us are willing to change our lives to do so. With this in mind, I implore you to consider the following questions.

√      What is one thing you would change about your life? 

This question comes with the hope that when you adopt a change, you will be better off. It is laced with the indication that when change is adopted, you will have a better life: fame, fortune, admiration. You will be brought to the forefront of others’ attention.

You should be warned, though, that change also comes with risk, undefined hazards and ambiguous results. You will not be aware whether the risk is worth the reward until after you make the change, at which time it may be too late to reverse your decision.

This is like going back in time and changing whatever decisions may have been made along the way, thereby forever changing history. To the point of that scenario, your decisions and your motivation for success, freedom and wealth must be genuine and natural so you don’t upset the balance of YOUR history.

√ What is stopping you from making that change?

Usually, we are held to our life’s history by our decisions and opportunity. Notice I didn’t say luck. I believe luck is the product of intuition, cognition, action and opportunity. I don’t believe it is just happenstance. With that in mind, we have the ability to determine our course by some simple rules of intention. We must:

  • Achieve What You Believe because You Believe You Can Achieve.
  • Know thyself and Thy business because You Are Your Business.
  • Build a Legacy: It is Inheritable.
  • Find the Message that Helps YOU Help Other People.

The power of intention is the driving force that determines your fate as a leader, an entrepreneur and a success in any endeavor in your life.

√ What do I know that will make me a living?

      The most valuable resource you have is what you know! You have spent your lifetime gaining wisdom and knowledge that others have used for their benefit. Until now, you have made other’s rich; you have supported their successes by giving away valuable information you have accumulated. We both know you have a passion someone else would pay for. What you may not know is that your passions, your experiences, your education and your training have provided you knowledge so valuable that you could spend your entire life in luxury. You simply need to sell some portion of it to others who need that information. All you need is a way to present this knowledge to them! This is what I will teach you.



“You sometimes have to set unrealistic goals

to achieve realistic results!”

Mark Zupo – 2009


So! Now that you know where I am coming from and what my intentions are for the Success Matters show, I’d like to share why I started  I was born an entrepreneur. It took a few years for it to come out and be recognized for it. I had to get a job at some point. To tell the truth, it wasn’t so bad. Not until I came to the realization that working for someone else at government-set wages wasn’t going to get it.

RSS IconI didn’t get into technology until I entered a Master’s program at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical university. I was issued a laptop and I was scared to death because I had to ask a fellow student how to turn it on! Ugghhhh. We’ll keep that between us if that’s Okay?

Having learned I was an entrepreneur and yearned to be an entrepreneur, I found that it was as easy as just doing it! Finding my niche and making it happen. It was working well until technology changed. What I mean is that technology eliminated my opportunity and would crush it if I didn’t get with the program. And I did!

I pursued every form of technology short of programming to the max. I learned everything I could. Took every course, attended every lecture and read over 1,000 books on a technology subject and technology entrepreneurs. The Success Matters Podcast is the culmination of several years of study, education, trial and effort to help you learn what I have in the shortest time to make you a better person, a successful person and to sometimes just entertain you. To be accessible every day,

I need reassurance every day. I listen to motivational and inspiration audio every day. I want to make sure that you have the same opportunities every day. That’s why the Success Matters Podcast was born. I want to know what every successful entrepreneur has ever done to get where they are and how we can do it too. Specifically, how you can do it with me.

My goal is to create and provide a one-stop-shop, a central headquarters for your every motivational, inspirational, educational place where we can share ideas and insights every day. I want to guide you and inspire you and excite you to take action now and use your every morsel of your creativity, every parcel of passion, every example of education and experience to achieve your goals, today!

So now that you know the why, A little about me to describe the who. I am Mark Zupo. In fact, Dr. Mark Zupo now. Why is that significant? Well, I grew up at a garbage dump in western Pennsylvania. It’s a long story and I will expand the discussion sometime later. I left home to get as far away as I could so, Miami here I come.

It was great. Sun, sand, surf, skin and alcohol. Just the combination that would ultimately make life fun and miserable. Needless to say, I did a lot of growing up. After s few failures, many failures, I got a “good” job working for the government. I stayed for 20-years, And…I hated every minute of it.  But it paid well and the benefits were okay. Problem was, I hated it!

Then, while working one day I heard about this guy who made it big in real estate and I thought I would give it a try. Well, it worked pretty well and an entrepreneur was born. As you can guess, I suddenly knew exactly what my life was all about and what I would do, rather “BE” for the rest of my life. An entrepreneur.

My conviction and resolve was unmatched. I wanted an education to justify the money I was making. I attempted college while earning three-times what most grown men were making. It didn’t work, I flunked out of three colleges because I wasn’t focused on education when I was focused on making huge amounts of money without an education. In thought I didn’t need a degree.

Eventually after achieving my ultimate success, making a million dollars, I went back to school as an adult with an adult mindset and determination. I eventually earned a Bachelor’s degree, then a Master’s degree and ultimately a Doctoral degree. Thankfully, I did it while maintain my status as an entrepreneur. It was much harder as an adult while working, raising kids and maintain a home and all of the expenses you can imagine. It was uncomfortable.

I did it because I wanted it. I did it because I was grown up and had no fear. I did it because I had to. I believe we are all entrepreneurs at heart though some of us don’t do it because we fear, we hesitate, we don’t act and we don’t want to be uncomfortable. And that’s a shame.

My Promise to You


I promise that if you follow what I teach, listen to what I say and take action when I tell you to, then you will see the results of your efforts bloom into something you could never have imagined.

I promise that if you develop a plan of action and follow through with it, you will have the time and freedom that you deserve, without someone else deciding just when, just how much and just why you shouldn’t get any more!

I promise that if you take notes, listen to every word, read every page and follow the tips, tricks, design, processes and actions that are described in this podcast, then you will change your life forever.

And finally…

I promise that if you believe in yourself unconditionally and believe in me unconditionally that you will discover the instrumental strength and willingness to challenge yourself to be accountable for your success, to be responsible for your success and to be the final authority to determine your success and all of the benefits that go with it.

We all understand, regardless of the industry in which we work, that we are in the people business. What differentiates us from the masses is that we understand that we are in the ME business because we have spent an entire lifetime building, educating, improving, detailing, sharpening, motivating, strengthening and training ourselves to be the finest product ever to hit the people-market. You’ve improved on the invention of YOU in every way until you have become the tool of choice in your business and industry.

The truest business YOU have ever worked in is the business of your life, and you have never been paid your real value and your real worth. It is time that you be rewarded for a lifetime of labor and attention. The product of YOU is ready and waiting to be unleashed on the world, and now is the time.

The obstacles to success are not the things we think we lack to be successful; the true obstacle is getting rid of the things that we have that get in the way of our success. Successful people do what other people don’t want to do.

I want to thank you all for your support, for believing in me and for taking the time to listen to what I have to say. I want you to care about your success and I care if you want to come with me on this journey to share my success as well. If you find any value in what I have to say then take it and run. Share it if you please. Spread the word and the message to fuel the fire of entrepreneurship burning inside of you. Tell others about the Success Matters Podcast and subscribe for more great shows. I will work hard to earn the five-star review rating among fellow podcasters with your help. In turn, we will share all the insights, experience and edu-tainment that I can.

You are absolutely going to love the next episode of Success Matters so stay tuned and don’t miss it! Subscribe now and encourage your friends to subscribe to the FREE Success Matters Podcast. The Success Matters Podcast is your journey to success. You own it and it starts today!


To Your Success… 

I’m Dr. Mark Zupo

About the author, Dr. Mark

I’m Dr. Mark Zupo, the creator of – the hottest system that’s been used by entrepreneurs in hundreds of different niches and markets. My students and clients have changed their life with the Multiple Streams Mastery Program. I’ve helped so many regular folks grow serious online passive businesses, and now I want to help guide you through building your multiple streams of income business and the life of your dreams. This podcast is all about getting you off the work-week treadmill and helping you build a business and life you love.

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