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The Real Cost of No Fun!

The Cost of No-Fun 2018

According to Pew Research in 2018, the average middle-class income for median households is about $56,516 a year. That’s if someone in the household has a job. That’s before taxes. A vacation will eat up anywhere from 6% to 115 of your before-tax yearly pay. That is depending on the type or style of vacation you choose.

A Disney vacation for one day starts at about $124 per person. Multiple by spouse and kids. After the average bills are paid for the month or year, there isn’t much left for a vacation is there? Remember, you earn about $56,000 a year. Don’t you? Hmmm, you don’t. Well, what will we do about that?
What is the solution?

According to the Economic Policy Institute, discretionary income is eroding. Middle-wage earners saw some wages increase by only 2% while wage earners wages fell for the same period. That’s no fun, right? The amount that people need to spend just to stay afloat is rising. Forget vacations.

  • All the essentials took more than a larger share of the average American’s income in 2017. What was left over after bills and such was, well, not much. Forget retirement, college education, medical and more. Forget vacations.

I went to Disney for four days this fall. I took my family of five. It cost us more-than $5,000. MORE THAN is the key phrase. We were careful about our spending too. Uggghhhh.

  • It costs about $233,000 to raise a kid nowadays according to The Pew Research Institute. No one said anything about vacations too. Food, housing, clothing, activities, education, doctors, child care that doesn’t include costs for saving for college, a car etc. Vacations always take a second seat in the mix. Sometimes they are completely left out for the average person or family.
  • 69% of Americans now have less-than $1,000 in savings for anything let alone college.

It is no shock that people don’t have money for vacations and entertainment.

  • 2/3 of those people earning about $75,000 – $99,000 a year had less than $1,000 saved as well! Shocking isn’t it?
  • 1/3 have less-than ZERO! More shocking isn’t it.

Credit cards to the rescue! Oh no…wait it’s true. Add in interest and where are we. Or, where are you? About 74% of people who take a vacation go into debt to do it! Holy Crackers! Disney has a special credit card that gets you through your trip with a special rate and benefits. The key is that you have to pay for it over the year ahead. You know, the year ahead that you continue to struggle to pay your bills and are not able to take a vacation because you’re broke! There’s a plan! NOT.
What is the solution?

  • Many Americans don’t take a vacation at all. Forget the money. They don’t go because they are afraid to use the time away from work! OMG. I’ve heard it all now. REALLY? The very reason for time away from work is why you don’t take time away from work? Are you kidding me?

Is it because you need the money to pay for living and stuff and more that you must work even harder a slave to the world-business machine? Is it because you love your job so much that you are completely determined to die for it? Is it because you are willing to sacrifice your family for it? Is it because you want to never rest from it?
What is the solution?

  • Study after study after study reveals that Americans’ are starved for a vacation!
  • Study after study after study reveals that Americans’ take their work with them on vacation!
  • Study after study after study reveals that Americans’ forfeit vacation days for sick days because they can’t afford to be without a week’s pay!
  • Study after study after study reveals that Americans’ think they are irreplaceable! (Really!)
  • Study after study after study reveals that Americans’ think they need to justify their time off because it really isn’t a given.

Let me tell you about when I lost my Son in a car accident. I was distraught for weeks. I went back to work but had difficulty concentrating. No pressure though…right? Wrong. Less-than two weeks after he passed, my employer ask me this question, “When are you going to be over this, we have work to do?” Remember I said, “Less-than two weeks after my only son died”. I left that job soon after. I needed a vacation from life in general and nobody was going to fund it but me.
What is the solution?

So, what’s the answer? I’ll be happy to share my thought with you and all you need to do is to ask for it. My solution was to build a system that cared for me.

  • A system whereby I wouldn’t be a slave to a system that didn’t care for me anymore if ever.
  • A system that provided for me and my family.
  • A system that wouldn’t let me down. A system that wouldn’t kick me out when I needed to be a part of a “family”.
  • A system where my energies and effort would be rewarded instead of stolen.
  • A system where my efforts paid me my worth and value that I determined.
  • A system that gave me the freedom and independence to determine when I would, could and will take time off. WHEN I DECIDED WHEN, WHERE AND FOR HOW LONG.

That my friends is the solution to a problem. My solution. Want to know more? Just ask.

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